A Parable

There was a man who had a friend whom he loved very much.  He wanted to show his friend how much he loved him.  Now the man had a special jewel that sparkled in the sunshine and glowed in the dark.  The man enjoyed just looking at the jewel and appreciating its beauty.  So the man decided to buy his friend a jewel just like it so his friend could enjoy its beauty also. 

The man bought his friend the jewel and wrapped it carefully.  He then invited his friend over to his house for a meal. 

When they had finished eating, the man brought out the gift and set it before his friend.  “What is this?” his friend asked.  The man replied, “This is a gift for you to show you my love.”  His friend unwrapped the gift and stared at it.  “That’s nice”, he said. 

The man was confused that his friend did not appreciate the beauty of the jewel nor the love behind it.  The two continued their conversation until the evening grew late.  As his friend got up to leave, he did not pick up the gift to take with him.  “This is yours to keep” said the man with love.  His friend said, “I have other jewels that I like more.  You can keep this one.” 

As the door closed, the man sat on the floor and cried.